Monday, January 14, 2013

Letter to My Shrink: A Dream About Therapy

So, in this dream we were in your office and you were sitting in your chair as usual. You were holding your hands cupped in front of you and there was a glowing yellow light emanating from them. Curious, I stepped closer to see what it was and three golden balls, of light or fire or something, materialized and began revolving in a circle, ferris wheel style. It was as though you were juggling them, but your hands were still and they were moving on their own power. I was entranced. I reached out to touch one and it turned into an egg yolk in my hand, which made me marvel even more.  Then for some reason I held it to my cheek and it instantly transformed into a baby chick, all yellow and fluffy, healthy, squirming, and with fluttering wings. I laughed. Then I woke up.

Cool dream, yes? I haven't analyzed it thoroughly yet, but I'm thinking the yellow light you were holding represents insight, which when taken and accepted can turn into new life.

Hope you are having a good day and that you inspire such lovely dreams in all your clients. :)


*       *       *        *       *        * 

And I am posting this on my blog because. . . the dream weaver is also an artist. Dreams are a kind of art and so is dream interpretation. Plus I just liked this one a lot. It was so pretty and resonant. Kind of reminded me of the mood of an earlier dream I wrote about here.


  1. very interesting dream, maybe the baby chick means you want a baby (lol) you never know

    1. Haha, well I am several months pregnant with my third. Could be that was influencing the dream. :)