Sunday, December 2, 2012

Random Crazy Pregnancy Dream

I had the cutest, silliest, most fun and most evocative dream about the baby the other night. I liked the dream so much that I wanted to record it on my blog, so this is going to be a slight break from my normal blogging-about-my-art-journal routine. Apologies in advance to those who dislike reading long winded accounts of other people's dreams and interpretive reflections thereon. Now would be a great time to stop reading if you number among that dreary camp. ;-)

To begin. . .

At the start of the dream, I was hugely pregnant and knew the birth had to be near. I wasn't exactly in a hospital-- my location in the dream felt rather nebulous, but there was an attending nurse of sorts who kept flitting in and out to check on me.

The next thing I knew I was holding this tiny (it must have been only two or three pounds) but perfectly formed, healthy, and beautiful baby. It was still connected to me by an umbilical cord, but it had seemingly simply appeared. I had no memory of labor or giving birth. I stared down at it in awe and it blinked these shining, dark blue eyes back at me. *cue maternal heart flutters*

The nurse appeared and I looked at her in puzzlement, seeking explanation, "Oh!" she exclaimed, "You already had the baby! What an easy birth! Well, you won't be needing me any more."

"But I feel fine," I said wonderingly, "I guess this means I won't need much recovery time."

"You won't need to recover at all!" she said cheerfully.

* * * * 

Now this is where the dream gets kind of silly. I decided that since I was feeling fine I might as well go shopping, and I took the baby along with me. (It was a little girl, btw.) Once in the store, it dawned on me that she must be a Cabbage Patch baby (I suppose because she materialized the way she did, lol), and I thought the least I could do was shop for some Cabbage Patch dolls for her so she would have something to play with. I toted her through the store, but couldn't find any. There were all these Cabbage Patch knock off sort of baby dolls, but we couldn't find the real thing.

By this time we ended up at the grocery section of the store and I thought rather frantically that since this was a Cabbage Patch baby, I had better find some cabbages to buy so I could juice them and mix the cabbage juice with her formula! But I was rooted in place by this point, and friends and relatives that I hadn't seen in ages kept appearing out of nowhere to talk to me and inquire after the baby. I felt so proud of her and happy that she had been born, but there was this sense of guilt that I was standing around talking when I ought to have been finding cabbages for her.

* * * *

Interpretive reflections:

This is the second time this pregnancy I have had a dream about a painless, unassisted childbirth. I would like to hope this is a sign of good things to come for when I do go into labor, but from a psychological point of view, it is probably more indicative of me being about to give birth to some new aspect of myself. The fact that in the dream this is an easy and joyful experience and that I am very proud of and affectionate towards the resulting "baby" feels awesome! However, there is a darker, more anxious side to the dream in that the baby is seemingly born into  a world where it is unable to find the things it needs, and I am either unable or unwilling to provide it the food it requires for nurturing. I stand rooted to the spot in the grocery store, hemmed in by a sense of politeness and obligation to the expectations of others,  mindlessly chatting while I should be finding food for my hungry infant.

All in all, an interesting dream and one worth remembering, I think. I don't really have an idea as to what it could be about specifically, but I believe in the value of paying attention to these things and taking note. It was also just so cute with all the Cabbage Patch themes. I've always loved Cabbage Patch dolls. I think I could do some fun journaling pages based on themes from this dream. That might be my next jumping off point for inspiration when I actually get another chance to sit down and doodle. Not sure exactly when that might be as I have been having a busy weekend and also-- it's time to decorate for the holidays! Some postings on porch decorations and other Christmas-y crafts may be soon to come.

Thanks for reading! :)

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