Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Virgin A Day-- A Sword Shall Pierce Your Own Heart

 It seems the conditions of life are such that being open to love means being open not only to pain as well, but to the possibility of agony. I look at my babies and think of the littlest one growing in my womb feel such a surge of protective love for them all. And then I think of Mary, holding that baby that she would live to see crucified. There really are no words for these kinds of contemplations, but I have been meditating a little on the depth of the love and pain that must coexist in the heart of the Madonna, and of God himself.

Constructing yesterday's art journal page was a straightforward process. I had an image and quote I wanted to use and prepared a simple background for them. I feel that this Mary's long black robes and austere expression are a suitable match for the biblical quote, which indeed was one of the first things that came to mind when I saw her.

This is my third journal page done in participation with the twelve days of Mary at the Recuerda Mi Corazon blog.


  1. your words today are so deeply personal and stir my mother's heart.
    i love todays journal page...and you would love the practice in san miguel of decorating all the fountains, all 48 of them with flowers and candles and the creating of life size shrines in the homes in town. everyone on this day, our lady of sorrows spends the quiet evening walking from shrine to shrine and sharing a 600 year old tradition of comforting mary for the anguish of what is to come.

    so glad you are walking among us.

  2. Wonderful post ~ divine creation on your journal page ~ blessings to you ~ (A Creative Harbor) ^_^ aka 'artmusedog' ^_^

  3. As a Father of children, I think I know the feelings, but I have lerned that it is indeed the Mother that feels them so much more poignantly and personal. The life givers have a direct relationship from the seed that no mere man can contemplate.
    I love this dedication to the Mary art journal page and your recognition of the pain as well as the love and how these two things intersect. very cool indeed!


  4. Joy and pain, I like sunshine, I like rain....

    Indeed the 2 are linked for in giving birth, we give life and we give death.

    Very nice post, Leah.

  5. to know ecstasy in love is surely to be open to the depth of pain.. yet who would not want to be open to pure love should it pass near us.. a sword, a sunrise..

  6. Leah,it's beautiful that you,as the mother of very young children,are experiencing this journey now.

    Wishing you joy!

  7. so true, so true. it is only an open heart that can truly feel joy, but then also feels deep pain so much more! thank you for sharing

  8. It is a privilege to feel deeply...
    to feel the vibration of all of life.
    Beautiful page♥

  9. Your journal page, your words, your feelings that came forward are especially beautiful and show that your soul is honest and true. This is really, really nice.

  10. As an art journaler myself, I love this way to express ourselves. Your Mary and your words stir my heart as a mom and grandma.

  11. This is lovely, Leah. Am I'm wondering how you find time to even sneeze with three under 3.

    1. Haha. Well they do sleep a lot at these ages. Most of my art journaling and blogging is done during nap time or at night after they've gone to bed. The house stays a bit messy these days, but as long as it's not a disaster I consider that a fair trade off. :)

  12. To really feel love we must also be open to pain.

  13. Leah, I LOVE this journal page. Simple. Stark. Bleeding heart. Love and suffering joined.

  14. Somehow I think every mother knows that piercing sword...

    Mary of the Tombs